Junior dos Santos vs Velasquez 29/10/2013

Last weekend , more precisely on October 19th , 2013 , occurred one of the most anticipated fights of all time . On one side , Junior”Cigano” dos Santos, borned in Caçador – Santa Catarina , raised as a fighter in Salvador , Bahia , and the other, the North American / Mexican Cain Velasquez .

Almost Everybody think  that Velasquez has more “weapons”then Dos Santos, but all the speeches, say the same thing: “Dos Santos is able to knock Cain Velasquez out in the very first round, as he did in their first fight,otherwise he has no chance.” I believe that was Velasquez Team thinking  as well. but differently then the public, they had to work on it, and they did. They did very well actually.

In the first round we could see that Velasquez had a perfect game plan, capable to neutralize the 2 best Dos Santos qualities:punches and footwork. Pressed  against the cage, Dos Santos was forced to put a lot of power , pammeling and blocking the attacks and to be worst, Velasquez applied dozens of knees in Dos Santos leg. After that……

Velasquez is a really good and overwelming fighter, so why he is the best heavyweight in the world, but I believe the strategy and the game plan were determinant in the result.

We, Brazilians, don’t think so much about strategy and game plans like north americans and europeans do. Some people think our strenght consist in be umpredictable,natural talented and genetic gifted. The problem is that is really difficult be unpredictable if your opponent has access and can watch all your fights and trainings on youtube.

Dos Santos did as much as possible, was a great fight. He gave to us, again, a lesson about humility,respect,determination and MMA.

The legacy of this fight: Brazilian coaches have to spend more time planning the trainining camp program and get involved with, work hard in a consistent and coherent game plan, not just to have look professional/genius, or to score points with the fighter. We have to believe  and follow the program. We need to improve.