Girls MMA ! 06/12/2012

If you want to train mma , but have any doubt  about it, you must read this depoiment from Amela Pervan.


Amela Pervan, student from Arte Suave, Checkmat, Denmark.
29 years, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, living in Denmark since age 10.

Danilo Dourado Seminar 2012
Ever since I was a little I`ve been interested in fight sports.
I started training judo as very young and my interest for fight sports grew over the years. My interest for MMA started when I was training Jiu Jitsu and since then I`ve been trying to combine the techniques from different fight sports into one package.
For me, MMA is about adopting many fight styles and of course keep myself in shape. Training MMA as the only girl at Artesuave can be hard sometimes – especially because of the weight and strength differences.
Since I mostly train with men who are stronger, bigger and faster than me it sometimes gets to the point where I feel like I m not doing my techniques well because some of the guys weighs twice than I do. I don’t see that as a difficulty as I m treated the same in my gym but more as a challenge.
However, when you learn how to use the different techniques right (punches, chokes,uppercutss)and train hard as much as the others, you don’t think so much about it. I can say that I have been really lucky as my coaches and the rest of the team have all been really supportive.

This Fall I had the chance to participate in Danilos Seminar which was a great experience and hard work training, all 12 days.
The thing about Danilos MMA training is that we trained and learned as much as possible how to use our boxing skills with the right speed, moves,relaxation and of course the right technique.
I remember we had to jab much faster and mix up our attacks, trying to be unpredictable with our combinations. The interesting thing about coach Danilos offensive and defensive techniques required speed and fast moves all the time during the training.
For me, stand up fight is still a new training and I had this chance to learn and improve my boxing skills.
The most challenging thing was trying to stay focused on keeping a good balance and at the same time perform the right techniques. The boxing techniques were very effective which was really good because boxing in MMA seems to form the basis for standup striking with the hands for all MMA fighters.
Training with Danilo tought me that it s very important to learn how to defend against boxing punches and that everyone has to know how to take a hit and deliver one back. The most important thing I learned during coach Danilos Seminar was that it’s not how much power you bring or how big you are that makes a good fighter, but right techniques, discipline and many hours of hard training.