Martial Arts Advices! 30/09/2013

There is no such a thing as a magic formula to turn a regular human being into a champion, yet, for sure, a team in which you trust and  proper  fitness preparation program are key for achieving this goal.

In this space, I will be writing about Fighting and Martial Arts Training,  showing specific exercises and a couple of training models, and, above all, clarify common questions on this subject, which are of the utmost importance for improving the athletes’ performance as well as for the developing of the good practice of martial arts in general.

The  training must be “as specific as possible”, meaning that goals and targets must be outlined, aiming at the peak of physical performance on the occasion of the fight/competition desired; for this to take place in a safe and  scientific manner, it is mandatory to adopt and follow a periodized training, which will determine all details of such physical/techical training.

A Physical Education professional is supposed to develop, supervise and guide all this work in a thorough and meticulous manner.

Many athletes have asked me which training is the most appropriate for fighters/martial artists in general, and the answer is: all depends on what physical ability the athlete/practitioner is aiming at developing, at a particular phase of the training. If the goal is to increase maximum strenght capacity, the training must be totally oriented  towards this goal, taking into account the number of repetitions, intensity e resting time ( intervals); the same applies when the target is to increase speed, anaerobic endurance and so on and so forth.

It must also be taken into account the athlete’s level of training; the phase of periodization and the biological individuality,  which shows differences in the adaptation, adjustment and development of the capacities for each single athlete; also, the metabolical demand of each modality; therefore, an olimpic boxer must train to be at peak performance for three  rounds of  3  minutes each, with 1 minute  for resting time, whereas a Jiu Jitsu black belt  competitor will train for one or more bouts of 10 minutes’ duration each.

The key here is to give priority for the physical and techinical gains and otimization ( how to make the most of training time, rest and intensity),  for later specify the training, making it resemble as close as possible the “real thing”.


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