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 Danilo Dourado Bio – MMA

Danilo Dourado is a mma fighter and coach   . Born in  December 28th 1981 in São Paulo, Brasil. Started as a kid in sports, Danilo always has had his life focused on it, specially in Martial Arts.

1990-  Started in Shotokan Karate

1998-  Started in Kickboxing and Boxing

2002-  Brazilian National Champion and 2x Kickboxing State Champion

Campeão Brasileiro de KickboxingSemana Olimpica do Boxe

2004-  Graduated in Sports Science by UniFMU. Champion of Olympic Boxing Week and Litoral Cup.
2005-Started in bjjErivaldo Caicó - MMA
2006- First time as a MMA Coach, when his fighter Erivaldo Caicó submited his opponent in 20 seconds.

2007- Post graduated in Sports Science by  Gama Filho University. Work with Bazilian National Boxing Team for PanAms

2008-Signed a contract to work with Maurício Shogun Rua and his Team, UDL. In this picture, Danilo Dourado with Shogun Rua and Wanderlei Silva.

Equipe de MMA da UDL

Danilo Dourado in Malmö - Sweden 2009

2009- Back in São Paulo, started with MMA seminars and private classes in Brasil and Europe. He went to Holand, Belgium, France, Sweden and Denmark. In this picture, Danilo Dourado in Malmö, Sweden.


 2009- Danilo Dourado and Anderson Silva working together in FCF 3 in São Paulo, Brasil. 

2010-  Started  work with WBO Latin American Champion Marcus de Oliveira Ratinho. As a Team, they defended 2x the title and won all of their 5 fights. Ratinho grow up in World ranking ranking ( 15° to 5 °)  and became the best Brazilian Boxer ranked and Pound for Pound in 2010 and 2011 when signed a contract with Don King. 

2010- 15 days Training Camp in XGYm, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Danilo trained with Anderson Silva, Ronaldo Jacaré, Paulo Thiago and many others.

2011–Again in Europe, Danilo went to Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, where he ministrated the first MMA seminar in Turkey history.

Primeiro Seminário de MMA na Turquia

2011-1 week Training Camp in Team Nogueira, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Danilo trained with Rony Jason, Fabio Maldonado and a Turkish Star Murat”Lord Pitbull” Kazgan. 

2011- In September 21st started in a new chalenge, his own MMA Team. B9MMA , who started with 2 fighters and now is one of the biggest Team in Brasil.


Danilo e Bodão

2012- Work with Thiago Bodão, in UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte. Bodao won by Knocout in Round 3.


2012 – Gil Freitas became a NEF welter weight champion in Maine , US. Gil Freitas is the first B9MMA fighter to win a International belt in less then 1 year of  history.

2o12 – Debut in Professional MMA in August,11th in TFT 4 in Taboão da Serra, São Paulo, Brasil.  Won the first round(10-8) . In the second round the oponnent poked Danilo with no intention in the eyes, so the fight was declared NO Contest, ho means nobody won. 

2012-Third European Tour. Seminars and private classes in Bristol UK, Copenhagen Denmark and Malmö in Sweden.

MMA Seminar - Arte Suave, Copenhaguen, Denmark.

  • 2013 –  Work with Gabriel Napao Gonzaga for UFC SP in January , 19th. Gonzaga won by submission in the second round.

Pads with Gabriel Napao Gonzaga- UFC SP


2014-  Thiago Bodão Perpetuo`s Striking Coach for UFC Natal on March 23rd.



2014- Second MMA Pro fight on March 29th.














2014- Fourth European Tour holdind Seminar, teachin Private Classes and for the first time doing Coaching Sessions: LOndon and Bristol( UK), Copenhague( Denmark) and Istanbul ( Turkey).

















  2014-  BJJ  International CupChampion on May 18th.