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MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world! Its practitioners are all Genders, races and ages. Whether you're a professional athlete or a fan by the MMA, we have training and lessons made for your goal.

Veja Também:

Pratical MMA Seminars

Practical MMA seminars have been one of the most traditional and effective way  in the process of dissemination and development of martial arts around the world.

In Brazil, the practice begins to gain strength, become customary in many martial arts gyms nationwide. The Coach Danilo Dourado, has been conducting workshops with great success of MMA in various states of Brazil and also abroad in countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and England.

The settings, the details and formats of training are presented throughout the seminars. This entire process occurs in a dynamic and motivating environment, prioritizing and facilitating the student learning process and collective development.

There are several formats of seminars, which vary according to the specific audience and its objectives. Below are the models currently applied:

Models of Practice Seminars MMA

1 day: Divided into 02 periods of 1 hour and 30 minutes each;

2 days: Divided into 02 periods of 1 hour and 30 minutes each;

1 week, 2 times per day for 1 hour and 30 minutes each;

2 weeks: 2 times per day at 1 hour and 30 minutes each.

Seminário na Academia B9

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